Dogs and humans form a special bond when living together, many humans consider dogs their family members, and dogs consider humans as members of their “pack”.

Each trainer has their own way of viewing a dog’s behavior and even more ways to train the dog’s behavior. Most importantly, trainers need to be able to work with the owners and modify THEIR behavior, without this key element, training is a useless task.  Each human will deal with their pets in a different way. From wishy washy to harsh dictator there are as many ways to deal (or not deal with) behavior as there are breeds of dog.

My job, as your trainer, is to evaluate the dogs’ behavior and develop a plan for you to begin to modify it. Your job, as the owner, is to consistently work with your pet and family members to alter the unwanted or wanted behavior. This is a long journey, a marathon rather than a sprint. Being clear, concise and consistent in your training will ensure your success. This is what will help you make your dog a member of your family, in a safe, productive and mutually beneficial way.

I offer private and semi-private group lessons, as well as private behavioral consults.

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