Here’s a bit about the woman: Laura Hearn

I began working with dogs professionally in 1986, while working at a canine facility while still in high school. The facility was run by a dog trainer who was one of the top Schutzund handlers in the US. (Schutzund is a German ring sport.) This trainer took me under his wing and I became his apprentice; learning about reading dog behavior, breed identification, obedience and behavior modification. While handling hundreds of dogs in various states of training, I also met hundreds of owners and learned to treat both as individuals. No two sets of dogs and owners will handle the same task and or situation in the same way. Therefore, as a trainer, I must be prepared to adapt along with the situation.

This tremendous dog training experience was followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Continuing Ed classes in Animal Behavior and Nutrition at Cornell University. Now I had the education behind me to complement my dog handling experience and I created “All About Dogs” dog training services.

While working as a dog trainer, I have also worked in the Animal Welfare industry, managing a large animal shelter for eight years. I also worked in the veterinary field, as a vet assistant as well as assistant manager of a busy veterinary office and I owned a dog walking and pet sitting business. Each of these positions has taught me more about dogs, their behavior and their owners.

Now, living on Martha’s Vineyard full-time, I am able to offer my services full time to year round residents and visitors alike. I look forward to continuing in my dog training journey!

Oh, and when I’m not spending time with my fantastic family and your wonderful dogs, I make some pretty awesome jewelry ;)


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